24 CFR § 401.502 - Notice requirement when debt restructuring will not occur.

§ 401.502 Notice requirement when debt restructuring will not occur.

(a) PAE responsibility. If an owner of an eligible project requests a renewal of a section 8 contract without a Restructuring Plan under § 402.4 of this chapter, HUD or the PAE must notify, or ensure that the owner notifies, all parties identified in § 401.501 of the request and of:

(1) The availability (as provided in § 401.500(c)(3)) of the following information:

(i) The owner evaluation of physical condition (OEPC), or a comprehensive needs assessment (CNA) if used instead of an OEPC, as required by § 401.450 and § 402.6(a)(3) of this chapter;

(ii) The market analysis required by § 402.6(a)(2) of this chapter, but without addresses (or other specific information indicating location) for comparable properties; and

(iii) The items identified in § 401.500(b)(1)(i), (ii), and (iv); and

(2) A procedure for submitting public comments regarding this information.

(b) Expense and profit/loss information. The PAE should remove project expense, property valuation, and profit and loss information before disclosing any information obtained by the PAE directly from an owner or project manager, unless the owner has given written consent to disclosure with that information included.

(c) Consideration of comments. The PAE must consider written public comments on the information listed in paragraph (a) of this section, if the comments are submitted within 30 days after giving notice under paragraph (a), and document the consideration for HUD. No public meeting is required.

[65 FR 15485, Mar. 22, 2000, as amended at 65 FR 53900, Sept. 6, 2000]