24 CFR § 401.503 - Access to information.

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§ 401.503 Access to information.

(a) PAE responsibilities. The PAE must provide to parties entitled to notice under § 401.501 access to information obtained by the PAE about the project and its management if the PAE determines that such information is reasonably likely to contribute to effective participation by those parties in the restructuring process, or if HUD requires the PAE to provide access to the information. The PAE is not required to make public any information received from the owner or manager that the PAE reasonably characterizes as confidential or proprietary information that would not ordinarily be made public, except:

(1) Owner evaluation of physical condition (OEPC), or a comprehensive needs assessment (CA) if used instead of an OEPC, as required by § 401.450;

(2) Owner-prepared 1-year project rent analysis; and

(3) As directed by HUD.

(b) Information on expenses and profit/loss. Before disclosing any information, the PAE must remove any information obtained by the PAE directly from the owner or project manager that is related to project expenses, property valuation, or profit and loss, unless the owner gives written consent to disclosure with that information.