24 CFR § 50.2 - Terms and abbreviations.

§ 50.2 Terms and abbreviations.

(a) The definitions for most of the key terms or phrases contained in this part appear in 40 CFR part 1508 and in the authorities cited in § 50.4.

The following definitions also apply to this part:

Environmental review means a process for complying with NEPA (through an EA or EIS) and/or with the laws and authorities cited in § 50.4.

HUD approving official means the HUD official authorized to make the approval decision for any proposed policy or project subject to this part.

Project means an activity, or a group of integrally-related activities, undertaken directly by HUD or proposed for HUD assistance or insurance.

(b) The following abbreviations are used throughout this part:

AS/CPD - Assistant Secretary for Community Planning and Development.

CEQ - Council on Environmental Quality

EA - Environmental Assessment

EIS - Environmental Impact Statement

FONSI - Finding of No Significant Impact

HUD - Department of Housing and Urban Development

NEPA - National Environmental Policy Act

NOI/EIS - Notice of Intent to Prepare an Environmental Impact Statement

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