24 CFR § 570.480 - General.

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§ 570.480 General.

(a) This subpart describes policies and procedures applicable to states that have permanently elected to receive Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds for distribution to units of general local government in the state's nonentitlement areas under the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974, as amended (the Act). Other subparts of part 570 are not applicable to the State CDBG program, except as expressly provided otherwise. Regulations of part 570 outside of this subpart that apply to the State CDBG program include §§ 570.200(j) and 570.606.

(b) HUD's authority for the waiver of regulations and for the suspension of requirements to address damage in a Presidentially-declared disaster area is described in 24 CFR part 5 and in section 122 of the Act, respectively.

(c) In exercising the Secretary's obligation and responsibility to review a state's performance, the Secretary will give maximum feasible deference to the state's interpretation of the statutory requirements and the requirements of this regulation, provided that these interpretations are not plainly inconsistent with the Act and the Secretary's obligation to enforce compliance with the intent of the Congress as declared in the Act. The Secretary will not determine that a state has failed to carry out its certifications in compliance with requirements of the Act (and this regulation) unless the Secretary finds that procedures and requirements adopted by the state are insufficient to afford reasonable assurance that activities undertaken by units of general local government were not plainly inappropriate to meeting the primary objectives of the Act, this regulation, and the state's community development objectives.

(d) Administrative action taken by the Secretary that is not explicitly and fully part of this regulation shall only apply to a specific case or issue at a specific time, and shall not be generally applicable to the state-administered CDBG program.

(e) Religious organizations are eligible to participate under the State CDBG Program as provided in § 570.200(j).

(f) In administering the CDBG program, a state may impose additional or more restrictive provisions on units of general local government participating in the state's program, provided that such provisions are not inconsistent with the Act or other statutory or regulatory provisions that are applicable to the State CDBG program.

(g) States shall make CDBG program grants only to units of general local government. This restriction does not limit a state's authority to make payments to other parties for state administrative expenses and technical assistance activities authorized in section 106(d) of the Act.

(h) Any unexpended CDBG origin year grant funds in the United States Treasury account on September 30 of the fifth Federal fiscal year after the end of the origin year grant's period of availability for obligation by HUD will be canceled. HUD may require an earlier expenditure and draw down deadline under a grant agreement.

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