24 CFR § 570.504 - Program income.

§ 570.504 Program income.

(a) Recording program income. The receipt and expenditure of program income as defined in § 570.500(a) shall be recorded as part of the financial transactions of the grant program.

(b) Disposition of program income received by recipients.

(1) Program income received before grant closeout may be retained by the recipient if the income is treated as additional CDBG funds subject to all applicable requirements governing the use of CDBG funds.

(2) If the recipient chooses to retain program income, that program income shall be disposed of as follows:

(i) Program income in the form of repayments to, or interest earned on, a revolving fund as defined in § 570.500(b) shall be substantially disbursed from the fund before additional cash withdrawals are made from the U.S. Treasury for the same activity. (This rule does not prevent a lump sum disbursement to finance the rehabilitation of privately owned properties as provided for in § 570.513.)

(ii) Substantially all other program income shall be disbursed for eligible activities before additional cash withdrawals are made from the U.S. Treasury.

(iii) At the end of each program year, the aggregate amount of program income cash balances and any investment thereof (except those needed for immediate cash needs, cash balances of a revolving loan fund, cash balances from a lump-sum drawdown, or cash or investments held for section 108 loan guarantee security needs) that, as of the last day of the program year, exceeds one-twelfth of the most recent grant made pursuant to § 570.304 shall be remitted to HUD as soon as practicable thereafter, to be placed in the recipient's line of credit. This provision applies to program income cash balances and investments thereof held by the grantee and its subrecipients. (This provision shall be applied for the first time at the end of the program year for which Federal Fiscal Year 1996 funds are provided.)

(3) Program income on hand at the time of closeout shall continue to be subject to the eligibility requirements in subpart C and all other applicable provisions of this part until it is expended.

(4) Unless otherwise provided in any grant closeout agreement, and subject to the requirements of paragraph (b)(5) of this section, income received after closeout shall not be governed by the provisions of this part, except that, if at the time of closeout the recipient has another ongoing CDBG grant received directly from HUD, funds received after closeout shall be treated as program income of the ongoing grant program.

(5) If the recipient does not have another ongoing grant received directly from HUD at the time of closeout, income received after closeout from the disposition of real property or from loans outstanding at the time of closeout shall not be governed by the provisions of this part, except that such income shall be used for activities that meet one of the national objectives in § 570.901 and the eligibility requirements described in section 105 of the Act.

(c) Disposition of program income received by subrecipients. The written agreement between the recipient and the subrecipient, as required by § 570.503, shall specify whether program income received is to be returned to the recipient or retained by the subrecipient. Where program income is to be retained by the subrecipient, the agreement shall specify the activities that will be undertaken with the program income and that all provisions of the written agreement shall apply to the specified activities. When the subrecipient retains program income, transfers of grant funds by the recipient to the subrecipient shall be adjusted according to the principles described in paragraphs (b)(2) (i) and (ii) of this section. Any program income on hand when the agreement expires, or received after the agreement's expiration, shall be paid to the recipient as required by § 570.503(b)(8).

(d) Disposition of certain program income received by urban counties. Program income derived from urban county program activities undertaken by or within the jurisdiction of a unit of general local government which thereafter terminates its participation in the urban county shall continue to be program income of the urban county. The urban county may transfer the program income to the unit of general local government, upon its termination of urban county participation, provided that the unit of general local government has become an entitlement grantee and agrees to use the program income in its own CDBG entitlement program.


(1) Transfer of program income to Entitlement program. A unit of general local government that becomes eligible to be an Entitlement grantee may request the state's approval to transfer State CDBG grant-generated program income to the unit of general local government's Entitlement program. A state may approve the transfer, provided that the unit of general local government:

(i) Has officially elected to participate in the Entitlement grant program;

(ii) Agrees to use such program income in accordance with Entitlement program requirements; and

(iii) Has set up Integrated Disbursement and Information System (IDIS) access and agrees to enter receipt of program income into IDIS.

(2) Transfer of program income of grantees losing Entitlement status. Upon entry into the State CDBG program, a unit of general local government that has lost or relinquished its Entitlement status must, with respect to program income that a unit of general local government would otherwise be permitted to retain, either:

(i) Retain the program income generated under Entitlement grants and continue to comply with Entitlement program requirements for program income; or

(ii) Retain the program income and transfer it to the State CDBG program, in which case the unit of general local government must comply with the state's rules for program income and the requirements of § 570.489(e).

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