24 CFR § 578.11 - Unified Funding Agency.

§ 578.11 Unified Funding Agency.

(a) Becoming a Unified Funding Agency. To become designated as the Unified Funding Agency (UFA) for a Continuum, a collaborative applicant must be selected by the Continuum to apply to HUD to be designated as the UFA for the Continuum.

(b) Criteria for designating a UFA. HUD will consider these criteria when deciding whether to designate a collaborative applicant a UFA:

(1) The Continuum of Care it represents meets the requirements in § 578.7;

(2) The collaborative applicant has financial management systems that meet the standards set forth in 2 CFR 200.302;

(3) The collaborative applicant demonstrates the ability to monitor subrecipients; and

(4) Such other criteria as HUD may establish by NOFA.

(c) Requirements. HUD-designated UFAs shall:

(1) Apply to HUD for funding for all of the projects within the geographic area and enter into a grant agreement with HUD for the entire geographic area.

(2) Enter into legally binding agreements with subrecipients, and receive and distribute funds to subrecipients for all projects within the geographic area.

(3) Require subrecipients to establish fiscal control and accounting procedures as necessary to assure the proper disbursal of and accounting for federal funds in accordance with the requirements of 2 CFR part 200, subpart D.

(4) Obtain approval of any proposed grant agreement amendments by the Continuum of Care before submitting a request for an amendment to HUD.

[77 FR 45442, July 31, 2012, as amended at 80 FR 75939, Dec. 7, 2015]