24 CFR § 578.21 - Awarding funds.

§ 578.21 Awarding funds.

(a) Selection. HUD will review applications in accordance with the guidelines and procedures provided in the NOFA and will award funds to recipients through a national competition based on selection criteria as defined in section 427 of the Act.

(b) Announcement of awards. HUD will announce awards and notify selected applicants of any conditions imposed on awards. Conditions must be satisfied before HUD will execute a grant agreement with the applicant.

(c) Satisfying conditions. HUD will withdraw an award if the applicant does not satisfy all conditions imposed on it. Correcting all issues and conditions attached to an award must be completed within the time frame established in the NOFA. Proof of site control, match, environmental review, and the documentation of financial feasibility must be completed within 12 months of the announcement of the award, or 24 months in the case of funds for acquisition, rehabilitation, or new construction. The 12-month deadline may be extended by HUD for up to 12 additional months upon a showing of compelling reasons for delay due to factors beyond the control of the recipient or subrecipient.