24 CFR § 700.115 - Program costs.

§ 700.115 Program costs.

(a) Allowable costs.

(1) Allowable costs for direct provision of supportive services includes the provision of supportive services and others approved by the Secretary concerned for:

(i) Direct hiring of staff, including a service coordinator;

(ii) Supportive service contracts with third parties;

(iii) Equipment and supplies (including food) necessary to provide services;

(iv) Operational costs of a transportation service (e.g., mileage, insurance, gasoline and maintenance, driver wages, taxi or bus vouchers);

(v) Purchase or leasing of vehicles;

(vi) Direct and indirect administrative expenses for administrative costs such as annual fiscal review and audit, telephones, postage, travel, professional education, furniture and equipment, and costs associated with self evaluation or assessment (not to exceed one percent of the total budget for the activities approved); and

(vii) States, Indian tribes and units of general local government with more than one project included in the grant may receive up to 1% of the total cost of the grant for monitoring the projects.

(2) Allowable costs shall be reasonable, necessary and recognized as expenditures in compliance with 2 CFR part 200, subpart E.

(b) Nonallowable costs.

(1) CHSP funds may not be used to cover expenses related to any grantee program, service, or activity existing at the time of application to CHSP.

(2) Examples of nonallowable costs under the program are:

(i) Capital funding (such as purchase of buildings, related facilities or land and certain major kitchen items such as stoves, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, trash compactors or sinks);

(ii) Administrative costs that represent a non-proportional share of costs charged to the Congregate Housing Services Program for rent or lease, utilities, staff time;

(iii) Cost of supportive services other than those approved by the Secretary concerned;

(iv) Modernization, renovation or new construction of a building or facility, including kitchens;

(v) Any costs related to the development of the application and plan of operations before the effective date of CHSP grant award;

(vi) Emergency medical services and ongoing and regular care from doctors and nurses, including but not limited to administering medication, purchase of medical supplies, equipment and medications, overnight nursing services, and other institutional forms of service, care or support;

(vii) Occupational therapy and vocational rehabilitation services; or

(viii) Other items defined as unallowable costs elsewhere in this part, in CHSP grant agreement, and 2 CFR part 200, subpart E.

(c) Administrative cost limitation. Grantees are subject to the limitation in section 802(j)(4).

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