24 CFR § 8.28 - Housing certificate and housing voucher programs.

§ 8.28 Housing certificate and housing voucher programs.

(a) In carrying out the requirements of this subpart, a recipient administering a Section 8 Existing Housing Certificate program or a housing voucher program shall:

(1) In providing notice of the availability and nature of housing assistance for low-income families under program requirements, adopt suitable means to assure that the notice reaches eligible individuals with handicaps;

(2) In its activities to encourage participation by owners, include encouragement of participation by owners having accessible units;

(3) When issuing a Housing Certificate or Housing Voucher to a family which includes an individual with handicaps include a current listing of available accessible units known to the PHA and, if necessary, otherwise assist the family in locating an available accessible dwelling unit;

(4) Take into account the special problem of ability to locate an accessible unit when considering requests by eligible individuals with handicaps for extensions of Housing Certificates or Housing Vouchers; and

(5) If necessary as a reasonable accommodation for a person with disabilities, approve a family request for an exception rent under § 982.504(b)(2) for a regular tenancy under the Section 8 certificate program so that the program is readily accessible to and usable by persons with disabilities.

(b) In order to ensure that participating owners do not discriminate in the recipient's federally assisted program, a recipient shall enter into a HUD-approved contract with participating owners, which contract shall include necessary assurances of nondiscrimination.

[53 FR 20233, June 2, 1988, as amended at 63 FR 23853, Apr. 30, 1998]