24 CFR § 8.51 - Self-evaluation.

§ 8.51 Self-evaluation.

(a) Each recipient shall, within one year of July 11, 1988, and after consultation with interested persons, including individuals with handicaps or organizations representing individuals with handicaps:

(1) Evaluate its current policies and practices to determine whether, in whole or in part, they do not or may not meet the requirements of this part;

(2) Modify any policies and practices that do not meet the requirements of this part; and

(3) Take appropriate corrective steps to remedy the discrimination revealed by the self-evaluation.

(b) A recipient that employs fifteen or more persons shall, for at least three years following completion of the evaluation required under paragraph (a)(1) of this section, maintain on file, make available for public inspection, and provide to the responsible civil rights official, upon request: (1) A list of the interested persons consulted; (2) a description of areas examined and any problems identified; and (3) a description of any modifications made and of any remedial steps taken.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 2529-0034)
[53 FR 20233, June 2, 1988, as amended at 54 FR 37645, Sept. 12, 1989]

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