24 CFR 884.101 - Applicability and scope.

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§ 884.101 Applicability and scope.

(a) The policies and procedures in subparts A and B of this part apply to the making of Housing Assistance Payments on behalf of Eligible Families leasing newly constructed housing pursuant to the provisions of section 8 of the 1937 Act. They are applicable only to proposals submitted by the Department of Agriculture/Farmers Home Administration (now the Department of Agriculture/Rural Housing and Community Development Service) that have been charged against the set-aside of section 8 contract authority specifically established for projects to be funded under section 515 of title V of the Housing Act of 1949 ( 42 U.S.C. 1485).

(b) For the purpose of these subparts A and B, “new construction” shall mean newly constructed housing for which, prior to the start of construction, an Agreement to Enter into Housing Assistance Payments Contract is executed between the Owner and HUD or a Public Housing Agency.

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