24 CFR 884.114 - Financing.

§ 884.114 Financing.

(a)Types. Eligible projects under this program shall be financed under Section 515, Title V of the Housing Act of 1949.

(b)Use of contract as security for financing.

(1) An Owner may pledge, or offer as security for any loan or obligation, an Agreement or Contract entered into pursuant to this part: Provided, however, That such security is in connection with a project constructed pursuant to this part, and the terms of the financing or any refinancing have been approved by HUD. It is the Owner's responsibility to request such approval in sufficient time before he needs the financing to permit review of the method and terms of the financing and the instrument of pledge, offer or other assignment that HUD is requested to approve.

(2) Any pledge of the Agreement, Contract, or ACC, or payments thereunder, shall be limited to the amounts payable under the Contract or ACC in accordance with its terms.

(3) In the event of foreclosure and in the event of assignment or sale agreed to by HUD, housing assistance payments shall continue in accordance with the Terms of the Contract.