24 CFR 886.304 - Project eligibility criteria.

§ 886.304 Project eligibility criteria.

(a)Selection of projects. HUD shall select projects for sale with assistance under this subpart on the basis of the final disposition programs developed and approved in accordance with part 290 and the requirements of this subpart. In the evaluation of projects, consideration shall be given to whether there are site occupants who would have to be displaced, whether the relocation of site occupants is feasible, and the degree of hardship which displacement might cause.

(b)Projects needing rehabilitation. A project, which is sold subject to the condition that following sale the project will be rehabilitated by the owner so as to become decent, safe and sanitary, will be sold with an Agreement that Section 8 assistance will be provided after the repairs are completed by the owner and the project is inspected and accepted by HUD. In these projects, Section 8 payments may be made only for project units which are determined to be decent, safe and sanitary.

(c)High-rise elevator projects. High-rise elevator projects for families with children will not be assisted under this subpart unless the final disposition program, prepared in accordance with 24 CFR part 290 indicates that there is a need for assisted housing for families and there is no other practical alternative for providing the needed housing.

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