24 CFR § 891.130 - Prohibited relationships.

§ 891.130 Prohibited relationships.

This section shall apply to capital advances under the Section 202 Program and the Section 811 Program, as well as to loans financed under §§ 891.655 through 891.790.

(a) Conflicts of interest.

(1) Officers and Board members of either the Sponsor or the Owner (or Borrower, as applicable) may not have any financial interest in any contract with the Owner or in any firm which has a contract with the Owner. This restriction applies so long as the individual is serving on the Board and for a period of three years following resignation or final closing, whichever occurs later.

(2) The following contracts between the Owner (or Borrower, as applicable) and the Sponsor or the Sponsor's nonprofit affiliate will not constitute a conflict of interest if no more than two persons salaried by the Sponsor or management affiliate serve as nonvoting directors on the Owner's board of directors:

(i) Management contracts (including associated management fees);

(ii) Supportive services contracts (including service fees) under the Supportive Housing for the Elderly Program;

(iii) Developer (consultant) contracts; and

(iv) Contracts for the sale of land.

(b) Identity of interest. An identity of interest between the Sponsor or Owner (or Borrower, as applicable) and any development team member or between development team members is prohibited until two years after final closing.

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