24 CFR § 902.71 - Incentives for high performers.

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§ 902.71 Incentives for high performers.

(a) Incentives for high performer PHAs. A PHA that is designated a high performer will be eligible for the following incentives, and such other incentives that HUD may determine appropriate and permissible under program statutes or regulations.

(1) Relief from specific HUD requirements. A PHA that is designated a high performer will be relieved of specific HUD requirements (e.g., will receive fewer reviews and less monitoring), effective upon notification of a high performer designation.

(2) Public recognition. High performer PHAs and RMCs that receive a score of at least 60 percent of the points available for the physical condition, financial condition, and management operations indicators, and at least 50 percent of the points available for the Capital Fund indicator, and achieve an overall PHAS score of 90 percent or greater of the total available points under PHAS shall be designated a high performer and will receive a Certificate of Commendation from HUD, as well as special public recognition, as provided by the field office.

(3) Bonus points in funding competitions. A high performer PHA may be eligible for bonus points in HUD's funding competitions, where such bonus points are not restricted by statute or regulation governing the funding program and are provided in the relevant notice of funding availability.

(b) Compliance with applicable federal laws and regulations. Relief from any standard procedural requirement that may be provided under this section does not mean that a PHA is relieved from compliance with the provisions of federal law and regulations or other handbook requirements. For example, although a high performer or standard performer may be relieved of requirements for prior HUD approval for certain types of contracts for services, the PHA must still comply with all other federal and state requirements that remain in effect, such as those for competitive bidding or competitive negotiation (see 2 CFR 200.319, as applicable).

(c) Audits and reviews not relieved by designation. A PHA designated as a high performer or standard performer remains subject to:

(1) Regular independent auditor audits;

(2) Office of Inspector General audits or investigations as circumstances may warrant; and

(3) Reviews identified by the regional or field office in its current Risk Assessment of PHAs and projects.

[76 FR 10149, Feb. 23, 2011, as amended at 80 FR 75942, Dec. 7, 2015]

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