24 CFR § 904.303 - Organizing the HBA.

§ 904.303 Organizing the HBA.

(a) The HBA should be organized and incorporated as early in the life of the development as is feasible, in order to allow selected homebuyers an opportunity to meet each other and begin forging a sense of community, but in any case the HBA shall be organized and incorporated no later than the date on which 50 percent of the homebuyers have been selected. Interim officers and directors shall be designated as part of the initial organization of the HBA to serve until full-term officers and directors are elected. Such full-term officers and directors shall be elected when 60 percent of the homebuyers are in occupancy, but, in any event, not later than one year from the date the first home is occupied.

(b) The LHA, in cooperation with the CPC, if any, shall be responsible for assuring that competent counseling and training assistance pursuant to Subpart C of this part will be provided in organizing the HBA. These services shall be continued until the HBA is fully operational.

(c) The provision of such services shall include at least the following functions:

(1) Assembling homebuyers for initial orientation and planning;

(2) Explaining to homebuyers the structure and functions of an HBA and the rights and responsibilities of the HBA and the LHA;

(3) Aiding in the preparation of charters, by-laws, contracts with the LHA and other appropriate documents;

(4) Assisting in the formation of the organization, including such things as the initial designation of interim officers and directors and subsequent election of full-term HBA officers and directors, and the establishment of necessary committees, if any.

(d) The LHA and the HBA shall execute an agreement recognizing the HBA as the official representative of the homebuyers, and establishing the functions, rights, and responsibilities of both parties (see Appendix II). This agreement shall be executed as soon as possible after incorporation of the HBA.

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