24 CFR § 904.305 - Funding of HBA.

§ 904.305 Funding of HBA.

(a) In addition to providing the HBA with noncash contributions such as office space and duplicating services, the LHA shall make cash contributions for operating expenses of the HBA, in the amount provided for in paragraph (b) of this section. Until the project goes into management, these contributions shall be made from the development funds budgeted for the counseling and training program (see § 904.206). Thereafter, these contributions shall be provided for in the annual operating budgets of the LHA.

(b) The cash contributions pursuant to paragraph (a) of this section shall be in the amount provided for in the LHA budget (development cost budget or annual operating budget, as the case may be) and approved by HUD. Such contributions shall be subject to whatever restrictions are applied by HUD to the funding of tenant councils generally, but they shall not exceed $3 per year per dwelling unit; provided that as an incentive to the HBA to provide additional funds from other sources such as homebuyer's dues, contributions, revenues from special projects or activities, etc., the LHA shall, to the extent approved by HUD in the LHA budget, match such additional funds beyond the $3 up to a maximum of $4.50, for a total LHA share of $7.50 where the total funding for the HBA is $12 or more. The HBA shall not be precluded from seeking to achieve total funding in excess of $12 per unit where this can be done with additional funds from sources other than the LHA. Furthermore, funding by the LHA for the normal expenses of the HBA is not to be confused with fees paid pursuant to management services contracts as described in § 904.306.