24 CFR § 92.63 - Amendments to program description.

§ 92.63 Amendments to program description.

An insular area must submit to HUD for approval any substantial change in its HUD-approved program description that it makes and must document any other changes in its file. A substantial change involves a change in the guidelines for resale or recapture (§ 92.61(b)(4)), other forms of investment (§ 92.61(b)(6)), minority and women business outreach program (§ 92.61(b)(7)) or refinancing (§ 92.61(b)(8)); or a change in the tenure type of the project or activities; or a funding increase to a project or activity of $100,000 or 50% (whichever is greater). The HUD Field Office will notify the insular area if its program description, as amended, does not permit determinations to be made under § 92.61 (b)(4), (b)(6), (b)(7), or (b)(8), or if the level of proposed projects or eligible activities is not within the management capability demonstrated by past performance in housing and community development programs, within 30 days of receipt. The insular area will have a reasonable period of time, agreed upon mutually, to submit the necessary supporting information to revise the proposed projects or activities in its program description.

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