24 CFR § 960.605 - How PHA administers service requirements.

§ 960.605 How PHA administers service requirements.

(a) PHA policy. Each PHA must develop a local policy for administration of the community service and economic self-sufficiency requirements for public housing residents.

(b) Administration of qualifying community service or self-sufficiency activities for residents. The PHA may administer qualifying community service or economic self-sufficiency activities directly, or may make such activities available through a contractor, or through partnerships with qualified organizations, including resident organizations, and community agencies or institutions.

(c) PHA responsibilities.

(1) The PHA policy must describe how the PHA determines which family members are subject to or exempt from the service requirement, and the process for determining any changes to exempt or non-exempt status of family members.

(2) The PHA must give the family a written description of the service requirement, and of the process for claiming status as an exempt person and for PHA verification of such status. The PHA must also notify the family of its determination identifying the family members who are subject to the service requirement, and the family members who are exempt persons. The PHA must also notify the family that it will be validating a sample of self-certifications of completion of the service requirement accepted by the PHA under § 960.607(a)(1)(ii).

(3) The PHA must review family compliance with service requirements and must verify such compliance annually at least 30 days before the end of the 12-month lease term. If qualifying activities are administered by an organization other than the PHA, the PHA may obtain verification of family compliance from such third parties or may accept a signed certification from the family member that he or she has performed such qualifying activities.

(4) The PHA must retain reasonable documentation of service requirement performance or exemption in a participant family's files.

(5) The PHA must comply with non-discrimination and equal opportunity requirements listed at § 5.105(a) of this title and affirmatively further fair housing in all their activities in accordance with the AFFH Certification as described in § 903.7(o) of this chapter.

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