24 CFR § 964.225 - Resident management requirements.

§ 964.225 Resident management requirements.

The following requirements apply when a HA and its residents are interested in providing for resident performance of several management functions in one or more projects.

(a) Resident management corporation responsibilities. Resident councils interested in contracting with a HA must establish a resident management corporation that meets the requirements for such a corporation, as specified in subpart B. The RMC and its employees must demonstrate their ability and skill to perform in the particular areas of management pursuant to the management contract.

(b) HA responsibilities. HAs shall give full and serious consideration to resident management corporations seeking to enter into a management contract with the HA. A HA shall enter into good-faith negotiations with a corporation seeking to contract to provide management services.

(c) Duty to bargain in good faith. If a HA refuses to negotiate with a resident management corporation in good faith or, after negotiations, refuses to enter into a contract, the corporation may file an informal appeal with HUD, setting out the circumstances and providing copies of relevant materials evidencing the corporation's efforts to negotiate a contract. HUD shall require the HA to respond with a report stating the HA's reasons for rejecting the corporation's contract offer or for refusing to negotiate. Thereafter, HUD shall require the parties (with or without direct HUD participation) to undertake or to resume negotiations on a contract providing for resident management, and shall take such other actions as are necessary to resolve the conflicts between the parties. If no resolution is achieved within 90 days from the date HUD required the parties to undertake or resume such negotiations, HUD shall serve notice on both parties that administrative remedies have been exhausted (except that, pursuant to mutual agreement of the parties, the time for negotiations may be extended by no more than an additional 30 days).

(d) Management contract. A management contract between the HA and a resident management corporation is required for property management. The HA and the resident management corporation may agree to the performance by the corporation of any or all management functions for which the HA is responsible to HUD under the ACC and any other functions not inconsistent with the ACC and applicable state and local laws, regulations and licensing requirements.

(e) Procurement requirements. The management contract shall be treated as a contracting out of services, and must be subject to any provision of a collective bargaining agreement regarding the contracting out of services to which the HA is subject. Provisions on competitive bidding and requirements of prior written HUD approval of contracts contained in the ACC do not apply to the decision of a HA to contract with a RMC.

(f) Rights of families; operation of project. If a resident management corporation is approved by the tenant organization representing one or more buildings or an area of row houses that are part of a public housing project for purposes of part 941 of this chapter, the resident management program may not, as determined by the HA, interfere with the rights of other residents of such project or harm the efficient operation of such project.

(g) Comprehensive improvement assistance with RMCs.

(1) The HA may enter into a contract with the RMC to provide comprehensive improvement assistance under part 968 of this chapter to modernize a project managed by the RMC.

(2) The HA shall not retain, for any administrative or other reason, any portion of the comprehensive improvement assistance provided, unless the PHA and the RMC provide otherwise by contract.

(3) In assessing the modernization needs of its projects under 24 CFR part 968, or other grant mechanisms established by the Housing and Community Development Act of 1987, the HAs must consult with the tenant management corporation regarding any project managed by the corporation, in order to determine the modernization needs and preferences of resident-managed projects. Evidence of this required consultation must be included with a HA's initial submission to HUD.

(h) Direct provision of operating and capital assistance to RMC -

(1) Direct provision of assistance to RMC. The ACC shall provide for the direct provision of operating and capital assistance by HUD to an RMC if:

(i) The RMC petitions HUD for the release of funds;

(ii) The contract provides for the RMC to assume the primary management responsibilities of the PHA;

(iii) The RMC has been designated as at least a “standard performer” under the Public Housing Assessment System (PHAS) (see 24 CFR part 902); and

(iv) The RMC is not in violation of any financial, accounting, procurement, civil rights, fair housing or other program requirements that HUD determines call into question the capability of the RMC to effectively discharge its responsibilities under the contract.

(2) Use of assistance. Any direct capital or operating assistance provided to the RMC must be used for purposes of performing eligible activities with respect to public housing as may be provided under the contract.

(3) Responsibilities of PHA. If HUD provides direct funding to a RMC under paragraph (h)(1) of this section, the PHA is not responsible for the actions of the RMC.

(i) Prohibited activities. A HA may not contract for assumption by the resident management corporation of the HA's underlying responsibilities to HUD under the ACC.

(j) Bonding, insurance, and licensing -

(1) Bonding and insurance. Before assuming any management responsibility under its contract, the RMC must provide fidelity bonding and insurance, or equivalent protection that is adequate (as determined by HUD and the PHA) to protect HUD and the PHA against loss, theft, embezzlement, or fraudulent acts on the part of the RMC or its employees.

(2) Licensing and other local requirements. An RMC must be in compliance with any local licensing, or other local requirement, governing the qualifications or operations of a property manager.

(k) Waiver of HUD requirements. Upon the joint request of a resident management corporation and the HA, HUD may waive any requirement that HUD has established and that is not required by law, if HUD determines, after consultation with the resident management corporation and the HA, that the requirement unnecessarily increases the costs to the project or restricts the income of the project; and that the waiver would be consistent with the management contract and any applicable collective bargaining agreement. Any waiver granted to a resident management corporation under this section will apply as well to the HA to the extent the waiver affects the HA's remaining responsibilities relating to the resident management corporation's project.

(l) Monitoring of RMC performance. The HA must review periodically (but not less than annually) the management corporation's performance to ensure that it complies with all applicable requirements and meets agreed-upon standards of performance. (The method of review and criteria used to judge performance should be specified in the management contract.)

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