24 CFR § 964.305 - Eligibility.

§ 964.305 Eligibility.

(a) Public Housing Authorities. HAs may apply to establish one or more FICs for more than one public housing development.

(b) FIC Activities. Activities that may be funded and carried out by eligible HAs, as defined in § 964.305(a) and § 964.310(a) may include:

(1) The renovation, conversion, or combination of vacant dwelling units in a HA development to create common areas to accommodate the provision of supportive services;

(2) The renovation of existing common areas in a HA development to accommodate the provision of supportive services;

(3) The acquisition, construction or renovation of facilities located near the premises of one or more HA developments to accommodate the provision of supportive services;

(4) The provision of not more than 15 percent of the total cost of supportive services (which may be provided directly to eligible residents by the HA or by contract or lease through other appropriate agencies or providers), but only if the HA demonstrates that:

(i) The supportive services are appropriate to improve the access of eligible residents to employment and educational opportunities; and

(ii) The HA has made diligent efforts to use or obtain other available resources to fund or provide such services; and

(5) The employment of service coordinators.

(c) Follow up. A HA must demonstrate a firm commitment of assistance from one or more sources ensuring that supportive services will be provided for not less than one year following the completion of activities.

(d) Environmental Review. Any environmental impact regarding eligible activities will be addressed through an environmental review of that activity as required by 24 CFR part 50, including the applicable related laws and authorities under § 50.4, to be completed by HUD, to ensure that any environmental impact will be addressed before assistance is provided to the HA. Grantees will be expected to adhere to all assurances applicable to environmental concerns.