24 CFR § 964.308 - Supportive services requirements.

§ 964.308 Supportive services requirements.

HAs shall provide new or significantly expanded services essential to providing families in public housing with better access to educational and employment opportunities to achieve self-sufficiency and independence. HAs applying for funds to provide supportive services must demonstrate that the services will be provided at a higher level than currently provided. Supportive services may include:

(a) Child care, of a type that provides sufficient hours of operation and serves appropriate ages as needed to facilitate parental access to education and job opportunities;

(b) Employment training and counseling (e.g., job training, preparation and counseling, job development and placement, and follow-up assistance after job placement);

(c) Computer skills training;

(d) Education (e.g., remedial education, literacy training, completion of secondary or post-secondary education, and assistance in the attainment of certificates of high school equivalency);

(e) Business entrepreneurial training and counseling;

(f) Transportation, as necessary to enable any participating family member to receive available services or to commute to his or her place of employment;

(g) Personal welfare (e.g., substance/alcohol abuse treatment and counseling, self-development counseling, etc.);

(h) Supportive Health Care Services (e.g., outreach and referral services); and

(i) Any other services and resources, including case management, that are determined to be appropriate in assisting eligible residents.