24 CFR § 964.310 - Audit/compliance requirements.

§ 964.310 Audit/compliance requirements.

HAs cannot have serious unaddressed, outstanding Inspector General audit findings or fair housing and equal opportunity monitoring review findings or Field Office management review findings. In addition, the HA must be in compliance with civil rights laws and equal opportunity requirements. A HA will be considered to be in compliance if:

(a) As a result of formal administrative proceedings, there are no outstanding findings of noncompliance with civil rights laws unless the HA is operating in compliance with a HUD-approved compliance agreement designed to correct the area(s) of noncompliance;

(b) There is no adjudication of a civil rights violation in a civil action brought against it by a private individual, unless the HA demonstrates that it is operating in compliance with a court order, or implementing a HUD-approved resident selection and assignment plan or compliance agreement, designed to correct the area(s) of noncompliance;

(c) There is no deferral of Federal funding based upon civil rights violations;

(d) HUD has not deferred application processing by HUD under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Attorney General's Guidelines (28 CFR 50.3) and HUD's Title VI regulations (24 CFR 1.8) and procedures (HUD Handbook 8040.1) [HAs only] or under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and HUD regulations (24 CFR 8.57) [HAs and IHAs];

(e) There is no pending civil rights suit brought against the HA by the Department of Justice; and

(f) There is no unresolved charge of discrimination against the HA issued by the Secretary under Section 810(g) of the Fair Housing Act, as implemented by 24 CFR 103.400.