24 CFR § 964.315 - HAs role in activities under this part.

§ 964.315 HAs role in activities under this part.

The HAs shall develop a process that assures that RC/RMC representatives and residents are fully briefed and have an opportunity to comment on the proposed content of the HA's application for funding. The HA shall give full and fair consideration to the comments and concerns of the residents. The process shall include:

(a) Informing residents of the selected developments regarding the preparation of the application, and providing for residents to assist in the development of the application.

(b) Once a draft application has been prepared, the HA shall make a copy available for reading in the management office; provide copies of the draft to any resident organization representing the residents of the development(s) involved; and provide adequate opportunity for comment by the residents of the development and their representative organizations prior to making the application final.

(c) After HUD approval of a grant, notify the duly elected resident organization and if none exists, notify the residents of the development of the approval of the grant; provide notification of the availability of the HUD-approved implementation schedule in the management office for reading; and develop a system to facilitate a regular resident role in all aspects of program implementation.