24 CFR § 964.345 - Treatment of income.

§ 964.345 Treatment of income.

Program participation shall begin on the first day the resident enters training or begins to receive services. Furthermore, the earnings of and benefits to any HA resident resulting from participation in the FIC program shall not be considered as income in computing the resident's total annual income that is used to determine the resident rental payment during:

(a) The period that the resident participates in the program; and

(b) The period that begins with the commencement of employment of the resident in the first job acquired by the resident after completion of the program that is not funded by assistance under the 1937 Act, and ends on the earlier of:

(1) The date the resident ceases to continue employment without good cause; or

(2) The expiration of the 18-month period beginning on the date of commencement of employment in the first job not funded by assistance under this program. (See § 913.106, Annual Income.) This provision does not apply to residents participating in the Family Self-Sufficiency Program who are utilizing the escrow account.