24 CFR 965.402 - Benefit/cost analysis.

§ 965.402 Benefit/cost analysis.

(a) A benefit/cost analysis shall be made to determine whether a change from a mastermetering system to individual meters will be cost effective, except as otherwise provided in § 965.405.

(b) Proposed installation of checkmeters shall be justified on the basis that the cost of debt service (interest and amortization) of the estimated installation costs plus the operating costs of the checkmeters will be more than offset by reduction in future utilities expenditures to the PHA under the mastermeter system.

(c) Proposed conversion to retail service shall be justified on the basis of net savings to the PHA. This determination involves making a comparison between the reduction in utility expense obtained through eliminating the expense to the PHA for PHA-supplied utilities and the resultant allowance for resident-supplied utilities, based on the cost of utility service to the residents after conversion.