24 CFR 965.404 - Order of conversion.

§ 965.404 Order of conversion.

Conversions to individually metered utility service shall be accomplished in the following order when a PHA has projects of two or more of the designated categories, unless the PHA has a justifiable reason to do otherwise, which shall be documented in its files.

(a) In projects for which retail service is provided by the utility supplier and the PHA is paying all the individual utility bills, no benefit/cost analysis is necessary, and residents shall be billed directly after the PHA adopts revised payment schedules providing appropriate allowances for resident-supplied utilities.

(b) In projects for which checkmeters have been installed but are not being utilized as the basis for determining utility charges to the residents, no benefit/cost analysis is necessary. The checkmeters shall be used as the basis for utility charges, and residents shall be surcharged for excess utility use.

(c) Projects for which meter loops have been installed for utilization of checkmeters shall be analyzed both for the installation of checkmeters and for conversion to retail service.

(d) Low- or medium-rise family units with a mastermeter system should be analyzed for both checkmetering and conversion to retail service, because of their large potential for energy savings.

(e) Low- or medium-rise housing for the elderly should next be analyzed for both checkmetering and conversion to retail service, since the potential for energy saving is less than for family units.

(f) Electric service under mastermeters for high-rise buildings, including projects for the elderly, should be analyzed for both use of retail service and of checkmeters.