24 CFR 969.103 - Definitions.

§ 969.103 Definitions.
(a) “ACC expiration date” means the last day of the term during which a particular public housing project is subject to all or any of the provisions of the ACC. The ACC term for a particular project expires at the latest of:
(1) The end of the “Debt Service Completion Date,” which is the last day of a one-year period beginning with, and inclusive of, the last debt service Annual Contribution Date for the project, as determined under the ACC (e.g., if the last debt service Annual Contribution Date is June 15, 1983, the one-year period continues through the end of the day on June 14, 1984, which is the Debt Service Completion Date); or
(2) The end of the date of full repayment of any indebtedness of the PHA to the Federal government in connection with the project; or
(3) The end of the last date of an extension of the term of the ACC provisions related to project operation, as effected under § 969.105 or § 969.106.
(b) “Operating subsidy” means additional annual contributions for operations under section 9 of the Act.
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