24 CFR 969.104 - Continuing eligibility for operating subsidy.

§ 969.104 Continuing eligibility for operating subsidy.
Until and after the Debt Service Completion Date for any project, HUD shall pay Operating Subsidy with respect to such project only in accordance with an ACC amendment providing for extension of the term of the ACC provisions related to project operation, pursuant to § 969.105 or § 969.106. The ACC amendment shall be in the form prescribed by HUD and shall specify the particular provisions of the ACC which relate to continued project operation and, therefore, remain in effect for the extended ACC term. These provisions shall include a requirement that the PHA execute and file for public record an appropriate document evidencing the PHA's covenant not to convey, encumber or make any other disposition of the project before the end of the project's ACC Expiration Date, without HUD approval.
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