24 CFR § 972.109 - Conversion of developments.

§ 972.109 Conversion of developments.


(1) The PHA may proceed to convert the development covered by a conversion plan after receiving written approval from HUD. This approval will be separate from the approval that the PHA receives for its Annual Plan.

(2) HUD anticipates that its review of a conversion plan will ordinarily occur within 90 days following submission of a complete plan by the PHA. A longer process may be required where HUD's initial review of the plan raises questions that require further discussion with the PHA. In any event, HUD will provide all PHAs with a preliminary response within 90 days following submission of a conversion plan.

(b) The PHA may not demolish or dispose of units or property until completion of the required environmental review under part 58 of this title (if a responsible entity has assumed environmental responsibility for the project) or part 50 of this title (if HUD is performing the environmental review). Further, HUD will not approve a conversion plan until completion of the required environmental review. However, before completion of the environmental review, HUD may approve the targeted units for removal from the PHA's inventory and may authorize the PHA to undertake other activities proposed in its conversion plan that do not require environmental review (such as certain activities related to the relocation of residents), as long as the buildings in question are adequately secured and maintained.

(c) For purposes of determining operating subsidy eligibility, HUD will consider the conversion plan the PHA submits to be the equivalent of a formal request to remove dwelling units from the PHA's inventory and ACC. HUD will notify the PHA in writing whether it has approved the conversion plan. Units that are vacant or vacated on or after the written notification date will be treated as approved for deprogramming under § 990.108(b)(1) of this title and also will be provided any phase-down of subsidy to which the PHA is entitled pursuant to § 990.114 of this title.

(d) The PHA may apply for tenant-based assistance in accordance with Section 8 program requirements, and HUD will give the PHA a priority for receiving tenant-based assistance to replace the public housing units. It is HUD's policy to provide funds for one-for-one replacement housing with either public housing or tenant-based assistance, if funds are available. HUD may require that funding for the initial year be provided from the public housing Capital Fund, Operating Fund, or both.