24 CFR § 982.303 - Term of voucher.

§ 982.303 Term of voucher.

(a) Initial term. The initial term of a voucher must be at least 60 calendar days. The initial term must be stated on the voucher.

(b) Extensions of term.

(1) At its discretion, the PHA may grant a family one or more extensions of the initial voucher term in accordance with PHA policy as described in the PHA administrative plan. Any extension of the term is granted by PHA notice to the family.

(2) If the family needs and requests an extension of the initial voucher term as a reasonable accommodation, in accordance with part 8 of this title, to make the program accessible to a family member who is a person with disabilities, the PHA must extend the voucher term up to the term reasonably required for that purpose.

(c) Suspension of term. The PHA must provide for suspension of the initial or any extended term of the voucher from the date that the family submits a request for PHA approval of the tenancy until the date the PHA notifies the family in writing whether the request has been approved or denied.

(d) Progress report by family to the PHA. During the initial or any extended term of a voucher, the PHA may require the family to report progress in leasing a unit. Such reports may be required at such intervals or times as determined by the PHA.

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 2577-0169)
[60 FR 34695, July 3, 1995, as amended at 60 FR 45661, Sept. 1, 1995; 63 FR 23860, Apr. 30, 1998; 64 FR 26644, May 14, 1999; 64 FR 56913, Oct. 21, 1999; 80 FR 50573, Aug. 20, 2015]

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