24 CFR § 982.609 - Congregate housing: Housing quality standards.

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§ 982.609 Congregate housing: Housing quality standards.

(a) HQS standards for congregate housing. The HQS in § 982.401 apply to congregate housing. However, the standards in this section apply in place of § 982.401(c) (food preparation and refuse disposal). Congregate housing is not subject to the HQS acceptability requirement in § 982.401(d)(2)(i) that the dwelling unit must have a kitchen area.

(b) Food preparation and refuse disposal: Additional performance requirements. The following additional performance requirements apply to congregate housing:

(1) The unit must contain a refrigerator of appropriate size.

(2) There must be central kitchen and dining facilities on the premises. These facilities:

(i) Must be located within the premises, and accessible to the residents;

(ii) Must contain suitable space and equipment to store, prepare, and serve food in a sanitary manner;

(iii) Must be used to provide a food service that is provided for the residents, and that is not provided by the residents; and

(iv) Must be for the primary use of residents of the congregate units and be sufficient in size to accommodate the residents.

(3) There must be adequate facilities and services for the sanitary disposal of food waste and refuse, including facilities for temporary storage where necessary.

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