24 CFR § 982.622 - Manufactured home space rental: Rent to owner.

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(a) What is included.

(1) Rent to owner for rental of a manufactured home space includes payment for maintenance and services that the owner must provide to the tenant under the lease for the space.

(2) Rent to owner does not include the costs of utilities and trash collection for the manufactured home. However, the owner may charge the family a separate fee for the cost of utilities or trash collection provided by the owner.

(b) Reasonable rent.

(1) During the assisted tenancy, the rent to owner for the manufactured home space may not exceed a reasonable rent as determined in accordance with this section. Section 982.503 is not applicable.

(2) The PHA may not approve a lease for a manufactured home space until the PHA determines that the initial rent to owner for the space is a reasonable rent. At least annually during the assisted tenancy, the PHA must redetermine that the current rent to owner is a reasonable rent.

(3) The PHA must determine whether the rent to owner for the manufactured home space is a reasonable rent in comparison to rent for other comparable manufactured home spaces. To make this determination, the PHA must consider the location and size of the space, and any services and maintenance to be provided by the owner in accordance with the lease (without a fee in addition to the rent).

(4) By accepting each monthly housing assistance payment from the PHA, the owner of the manufactured home space certifies that the rent to owner for the space is not more than rent charged by the owner for unassisted rental of comparable spaces in the same manufactured home park or elsewhere. The owner must give the PHA information, as requested by the PHA, on rents charged by the owner for other manufactured home spaces.