24 CFR § 982.623 - Manufactured home space rental: Housing assistance payment.

(a) There is a separate fair market rent for a manufactured home space. The FMR for a manufactured home space is determined in accordance with § 888.113(e) of this title. The FMR for a manufactured home space is generally 40 percent of the published FMR for a two-bedroom unit.

(b) The payment standard shall be determined in accordance with § 982.505.

(c) The PHA shall pay a monthly housing assistance payment on behalf of the family that is equal to the lower of:

(1) The payment standard minus the total tenant payment; or

(2) The rent paid for rental of the real property on which the manufactured home owned by the family is located (“space rent”) minus the total tenant payment.

(d) The space rent is the sum of the following as determined by the PHA:

(1) Rent to owner for the manufactured home space;

(2) Owner maintenance and management charges for the space;

(3) The utility allowance for tenant-paid utilities.

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