24 CFR § 983.52 - Housing type.

§ 983.52 Housing type.

The PHA may attach PBV assistance for units in existing housing or for newly constructed or rehabilitated housing developed under and in accordance with an Agreement.

(a) Existing housing—A housing unit is considered an existing unit for purposes of the PBV program, if at the time of notice of PHA selection the units substantially comply with HQS.

(1) Units for which rehabilitation or new construction began after owner's proposal submission but prior to execution of the AHAP do not subsequently qualify as existing housing.

(2) Units that were newly constructed or rehabilitated in violation of program requirements also do not qualify as existing housing.

(b) Subpart D of this part applies to newly constructed and rehabilitated housing.

[70 FR 59913, Oct. 13, 2005, as amended at 79 FR 36166, June 25, 2014]