24 CFR Appendix I to Subpart C of Part 904 - Content Guide for Counseling and Training Program

Appendix I to Subpart C of Part 904 - Content Guide for Counseling and Training Program
(Subpart C)

Inclusion of the following items in the Counseling and Training Program should be considered, keeping in mind that the extent to which they are covered will depend on specific needs of homebuyers in the given development.

preoccupancy phase

1. Explanation of program. Includes the background and a full description of the program with special emphasis on the financial and legal responsibilities of the homebuyers, the HBA, and the LHA; and a review for homebuyers of the computation of the monthly payment and of the accumulation and purpose of EHPA and reserves.

2. Property care and maintenance. Includes making homebuyers generally familiar with the overall operation of the home, including fixtures, equipment, interior designing, and building and equipment warranties, and the appropriate procedures for obtaining services and repairs to which the homebuyers may be entitled. (This aspect will probably have to be covered in more detail during the Post-Occupancy Phase.)

3. Money management. Includes budgeting, consumer education, credit counseling, insurance, utility costs, etc.

4. Developing community. Includes a view of the surrounding community, and especially how the homebuyer relates to it as an individual and as a member of the HBA.

5. Referrals. Includes information as to community resources and services where assistance can be obtained in relation to individual or family problems beyond the scope of the contract agency. This may include referrals to community services that can upgrade employment skills, provide legal services, offer educational opportunities, care for health and dental needs, care for children of working mothers, provide guidance in marital problems and general family matters, including drugs and alcohol.

post-occupancy phase

1. Home maintenance. This should include builder responsibility, identification of minor and major repairs, instructions on do-it-yourself repairs and methods of having major repairs completed.

2. Money management. This should involve an in-depth study of the legal and financial aspects of consumer credit, savings and investments, and budget counseling.

3. Developing community. This will consist primarily of creating an awareness on the part of the homebuyer of the nature and function of the HBA and the value of his participation in, and working through, the HBA as a responsible member of his community. By this means much will be learned about relationships with neighbors, community cooperation, and the ways in which individual and group problems are solved.

other items

In addition to the above, there are other needs and concerns, especially those expressed by the homebuyers, that may be dealt with in special classes or workshops. These may include such topics as child care, selection of furnishings, decorating and furnishing, refinishing of furniture, upholstery, sewing, food and nutrition, care of clothing, etc.

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