24 CFR Subpart E - Subpart E—Federal Guarantees for Financing of Tribal Housing Activities

  1. § 1000.401 What terms are used throughout this subpart?
  2. § 1000.402 Are State recognized Indian tribes eligible for guarantees under title VI of NAHASDA?
  3. § 1000.404 What lenders are eligible for participation?
  4. § 1000.406 What constitutes tribal approval to issue notes or other obligations under title VI of NAHASDA?
  5. § 1000.410 What conditions shall HUD prescribe when providing a guarantee for notes or other obligations issued by an Indian tribe?
  6. § 1000.412 Can an issuer obtain a guarantee for more than one note or other obligation at a time?
  7. § 1000.414 How is an issuer's financial capacity demonstrated?
  8. § 1000.416 What is a repayment contract in a form acceptable to HUD?
  9. § 1000.418 Can grant funds be used to pay costs incurred when issuing notes or other obligations?
  10. § 1000.420 May grants made by HUD under section 603 of NAHASDA be used to pay net interest costs incurred when issuing notes or other obligations?
  11. § 1000.422 What are the procedures for applying for loan guarantees under title VI of NAHASDA?
  12. § 1000.424 What are the application requirements for guarantee assistance under title VI of NAHASDA?
  13. § 1000.426 How does HUD review a guarantee application?
  14. § 1000.428 For what reasons may HUD disapprove an application or approve an application for an amount less than that requested?
  15. § 1000.430 When will HUD issue notice to the applicant if the application is approved at the requested or reduced amount?
  16. § 1000.432 Can an amendment to an approved guarantee be made?
  17. § 1000.434 How will HUD allocate the availability of loan guarantee assistance?
  18. § 1000.436 How will HUD monitor the use of funds guaranteed under this subpart?