25 CFR § 11.1013 - Modification of dispositional order.

§ 11.1013 Modification of dispositional order.

(a) A dispositional order of the children's court may be modified upon a showing of a change of circumstances.

(b) The children's court may modify a dispositional order at any time upon the motion of the minor or the minor's parents, guardian or custodian.

(c) If the modification involves a change of custody, the children's court shall conduct a hearing pursuant to paragraph (d) of this section.

(d) A hearing to review a dispositional order shall be conducted as follows:

(1) All the rights listed in § 11.906 shall be afforded the parties in the hearing to review the dispositional order. The notice required by paragraph (a) of § 11.906 shall be given at least 48 hours before the hearing.

(2) The children's court shall review the performance of the minor, the minor's parents, guardian or custodian, and other persons providing assistance to the minor and the minor's family.

(3) In determining modification of disposition, the procedures prescribed in § 11.1011 of this part shall apply.

(4) If the request for review of disposition is based upon an alleged violation of a court order, the children's court shall not modify its dispositional order unless it finds clear and convincing evidence of the violation.

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