25 CFR § 11.600 - Marriages.

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§ 11.600 Marriages.

(a) A magistrate of the Court of Indian Offenses shall have the authority to perform marriages.

(b) A valid marriage shall be constituted by:

(1) The issuance of a marriage license by the Court of Indian Offenses and by execution of a consent to marriage by both parties to the marriage and recorded with the clerk of the court; or

(2) The recording of a tribal custom marriage with the Court of Indian Offenses within 30 days of the tribal custom marriage ceremony by the signing by both parties of a marriage register maintained by the clerk of the court.

(c) A marriage license application shall include the following information:

(1) Name, sex, occupation, address, social security number, and date and place of birth of each party to the proposed marriage;

(2) If either party was previously married, his or her name, and the date, place, and court in which the marriage was dissolved or declared invalid or the date and place of death of the former spouse;

(3) Name and address of the parents or guardian of each party;

(4) Whether the parties are related to each other and, if so, their relationship; and

(5) The name and date of birth of any child of which both parties are parents, born before the making of the application, unless their parental rights and the parent and child relationship with respect to the child have been terminated.

(6) A certificate of the results of any medical examination required by either applicable tribal ordinances, or the laws of the State in which the Indian country under the jurisdiction of the Court of Indian Offenses is located.

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