25 CFR § 141.47 - Monthly billing statement.

§ 141.47 Monthly billing statement.

On all credit accounts on which a finance charge may be imposed and for all other credit accounts when requested by the customer, a licensee shall issue a monthly billing statement to the customer stating the following information where applicable:

(a) The unpaid balance at the start of the billing period.

(b) The amount and date of each extension of credit and identification of each item costing more than ten dollars ($10).

(c) Payments made by a customer and other credits, including returns, rebates, and adjustments.

(d) The finance charge shown in dollars and cents.

(e) The rates used in calculating the finance charge plus the range of balances to which the finance charge was calculated.

(f) The closing date of the billing cycle.

(g) The unpaid balance at that time.