25 CFR § 153.3 - Application form.

§ 153.3 Application form.

The application form shall include, among other things:

(a) The name of the applicant;

(b) His age, residence, degree of Indian blood, and education;

(c) His experience in farming, cattle raising, business, or other occupation (including home-making);

(d) His present occupation, if any;

(e) A statement concerning the applicant's financial status, including his average earned and unearned income for the last two years from restricted leases and from other sources, and his outstanding indebtedness to the United States, to the tribe, or to others;

(f) A description of his property and its value, including his allotted and inherited lands; and

(g) The name of the applicant's spouse, if any, and the names of his minor children, if any, and their ages, together with a statement regarding the land, allotted and inherited, held by each.

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