25 CFR 16.8 - Summary distribution of small liquid estates.

§ 16.8 Summary distribution of small liquid estates.

Where information, furnished by the Bureau pursuant to § 16.4 or otherwise obtained, reveals that the estate of a deceased Indian of the Five Civilized Tribes contains no restricted land but consists of a restricted interest in funds not exceeding $500 on deposit to the credit of the decedent, the Field Solicitor shall, in the absence of any final decree determining the heirs or legatees of the decedent, prepare and furnish to the Bureau a finding and order of distribution, based on affidavit or other proof of death and heirship or bequest, setting forth the facts of death and heirship or bequest and the amount payable from the estate to each person determined to be an heir or legatee of the decedent. The Field Solicitor shall mail to each person considered a possible claimant to any portion of the estate, as an heir or legatee or otherwise, a copy of the order with a notice that the order shall become final 30 days after the date of mailing thereof unless within that period the officer by whom the order was signed shall have received a written request for reconsideration of the order. After final action on any order has been taken by the Field Solicitor, the Bureau shall distribute the funds in the estate of the decedent in accordance with such final action, unless a timely appeal therefrom has been filed in accordance with part 2 of this title.