25 CFR § 161.203 - Are range management plans required?

§ 161.203 Are range management plans required?

Yes. BIA will:

(a) Consult with the Navajo Nation in planning conservation practices, including grazing control and range restoration activities for the Navajo Partitioned Lands.

(b) Develop range management plans with the concurrence of the Navajo Nation.

(c) Approve the range management plans, after concurrence with the Navajo Nation, and the implementation of the plan may begin immediately. The plan will address, but is not limited to, the following issues:

(1) Goals for improving vegetative productivity and diversity;

(2) Stocking rates;

(3) Grazing schedules;

(4) Wildlife management;

(5) Needs assessment for range and livestock improvements;

(6) Schedule for operation and maintenance of existing range improvements and development for cooperative funded projects;

(7) Cooperation in the implementation of range studies;

(8) Control of livestock diseases and parasites;

(9) Fencing or other structures necessary to implement any of the other provisions in the range management plan;

(10) Special land uses; and

(11) Water development and management.