25 CFR § 161.800 - How does the Navajo Nation provide concurrence to BIA?

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§ 161.800 How does the Navajo Nation provide concurrence to BIA?

(a) Actions taken by BIA under this part require concurrence of the Navajo Nation under section 640d–9(e)(1)(A) of the Settlement Act.

(b) For any action requiring the concurrence of the Resources Committee, the following procedures will apply:

(1) Unless a longer time is specified in a particular section, or unless BIA grants an extension of time, the Resources Committee will have 45 days to review and concur with the proposed action;

(2) If the Resources Committee concurs in writing with all or part of BIA proposed action, the action or a portion of it may be immediately implemented;

(3) If the Resources Committee does not concur with all or part of the proposed action within the time prescribed in paragraph (b)(1) of this section, BIA will submit to the Resources Committee a written declaration of non-concurrence. BIA will then notify the Resources Committee in writing of a formal hearing to be held not sooner than 30 days from the date of the non-concurrence declaration;

(4) The formal hearing on non-concurrence will permit the submission of written evidence and argument concerning the proposal. BIA will take minutes of the hearing. Following the hearing, BIA may amend, alter, or otherwise change the proposed action. If, following a hearing, BIA alters or amends portions of the proposed plan of action, BIA will submit the altered or amended portions of the plan to the Resources Committee for its concurrence; and

(5) If the Resources Committee fails or refuses to give its concurrence to the proposal, BIA may implement the proposal only after issuing a written order, based upon findings of fact, that the proposed action is necessary to protect the land under the Settlement Act and the Agricultural Act.