25 CFR § 163.13 - Indian tribal forest enterprise operations.

§ 163.13 Indian tribal forest enterprise operations.

Indian tribal forest enterprises may be initiated and organized with consent of the authorized tribal representatives. Such enterprises may contract for the purchase of non-Indian owned forest products. Subject to approval by the Secretary the following actions may be taken:

(a) Authorized tribal enterprises may enter into formal agreements with tribal representatives for the use of tribal forest products, and with individual beneficial Indian owners for their forest products;

(b) Authorized officials of tribal enterprises, operating under approved agreements for the use of Indian-owned forest products pursuant to this section, may sell the forest products produced according to generally accepted trade practices;

(c) With the consent of the beneficial Indian owners, such enterprises may, without advertisement, contract for the purchase of forest products on Indian land at stumpage rates authorized by the Secretary;

(d) Determination of and payment for stumpage and/or products utilized by such enterprises will be authorized in accordance with § 163.22. However, the Secretary may issue special instructions for payment by methods other than those in § 163.22 of this part; and

(e) Performance bonds may or may not be required in connection with operations on Indian land by such enterprises as determined by the Secretary.