25 CFR § 163.18 - Acceptance and rejection of bids.

§ 163.18 Acceptance and rejection of bids.

(a) The high bid received in accordance with any advertisement issued under authority of this part shall be accepted, except that the approving officer, having set forth the reason(s) in writing, shall have the right to reject the high bid if:

(1) The high bidder is considered unqualified to fulfill the contractual requirement of the advertisement; or

(2) There are reasonable grounds to consider it in the interest of the Indians to reject the high bid.

(b) If the high bid is rejected, the approving officer may authorize:

(1) Rejection of all bids; or

(2) Acceptance of the offer of another bidder who, at bid opening, makes written request that their bid and bid deposit be held pending a bid acceptance.

(c) The officer authorized to accept the bid shall have the discretion to waive minor technical defects in advertisements and proposals, such as typographical errors and misplaced entries.