25 CFR § 166.203 - When can the Indian landowners grant a permit?

§ 166.203 When can the Indian landowners grant a permit?

(a) Tribes grant permits of tribal land, including any tribally-owned undivided interest(s) in a fractionated tract. A permit granted by the tribe must be approved by us, unless the permit is authorized by a charter approved by us under 25 U.S.C. § 477, or unless our approval is not required under other applicable federal law. In order to permit tribal land in which the beneficial interest has been assigned to another party, the assignee and the tribe must both grant the permit, subject to our approval.

(b) Individual Indian landowners may grant a permit of their land, including their undivided interest in a fractionated tract, subject to our approval. Except as otherwise provided in this part, these Indian landowners may include the owner of a life estate holding 100 percent (%) interest in their land.

(c) The owners of a majority interest in the Indian ownership of a fractionated tract may grant a permit, subject to our approval, without giving prior notice to the minority Indian landowners as long as the minority interest owners receive fair annual rental.

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