25 CFR § 167.3 - Objectives.

§ 167.3 Objectives.

It is the purpose of the regulations in this part to aid the Navajo Indians in achievement of the following objectives:

(a) The preservation of the forage, the land, and the water resources on the Navajo Reservation, and the building up of those resources where they have deteriorated.

(b) The protection of the interests of the Navajo Indians from the encroachment of unduly aggressive and anti-social individuals who may or may not be members of the Navajo Tribe.

(c) The adjustment of livestock numbers to the carrying capacity of the range in such a manner that the livestock economy of the Navajo Tribe will be preserved.

(d) To secure increasing responsibility and participation of the Navajo people, including tribal participation in all basic policy decisions, in the sound management of one of the Tribe's greatest assets, its grazing lands, and to foster a better relationship and a clearer understanding between the Navajo people and the Federal Government in carrying out the grazing regulations.

(e) The improvement of livestock through proper breeding practices and the maintenance of a sound culling policy. Buck and bull pastures may be established and maintained either on or off the reservation through District Grazing Committee and Central Grazing Committee action.