25 CFR § 215.12 - Advertising costs.

§ 215.12 Advertising costs.

All advertising costs, publication fees, expenses incurred for abstracts of lease title, and other expenses incurred in connection with the advertising and sale of leases and in connection with the execution of lease contracts shall be borne by the lessee. In the event a lease of the land is offered to the highest bidder and he fails or refuses to execute such lease when duly notified and as required by or under the regulations in this part, and no other bid is accepted, such costs, fees, and expenses shall be paid from such money as he may have paid with his bid. If no bid is tendered after a tract is advertised, or if all bids are refused, said items of expenses shall be charged to the Indian owner of the land and be paid by him or be paid by the superintendent from any funds held by such superintendent to the credit of such Indian owner of the land.

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