25 CFR § 215.16 - Requirements of corporate lessees.

§ 215.16 Requirements of corporate lessees.

(a) When the lessee is a corporation, its first application must be accompanied by a sworn statement of its proper officers showing:

(1) The total number of shares of the capital stock actually issued and, specifically, the amount of cash paid into the treasury on each share sold; or, if paid in property, state kind, quantity, and value of the same paid per share.

(2) Of the stock sold how much per share remains unpaid and subject to assessment.

(3) How much cash the company has in its treasury and elsewhere and from what source it was received.

(4) What property, exclusive of cash, is owned by the company and its value.

(5) What the total indebtedness of the company is, and, specifically, the nature of its obligations.

(b) Subsequent applications of the corporation should show briefly the aggregate amounts of assets and liabilities.

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